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Three Ways Booklets Can Grow Your Business

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Booklet printing is a great way to reach a targeted customer base with a highly relevant message that helps establish your expertise and serves as a gateway between customers and your company, brand, products and services. If you haven't engaged in booklet marketing, or haven't had the results you'd like, try implementing one or all of these three ways booklets can grow your business.

Booklet printing establishes expertise and trust

One of the best moves you can make is to print booklets that inform and engage your target customer base in highly relevant ways. When your booklets solve problems for your customers and become resources in and of themselves, you establish your expertise in your field and therefore earn the trust of your customers. When customers trust your advice, they'll want to buy from you; and having booklets on customers' shelves means they'll take advantage of any special offers you promote.

A great example is when Microsoft sent booklets to customers that explained the ins-and-outs of search marketing as a means of promoting their search marketing solutions. Customers who didn't understand how search marketing could help them, or how easy it would be to use it, could follow the steps outlined in the booklet to start a good search marketing campaign. Another example: a saltwater fish retailer who gives away booklets that detail exactly how to set up saltwater aquariums, complete with the equipment required and species that do well together.

Connect with customers and earn loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the most powerful phenomenons you can hope for your company. Booklet printing is a great way to build brand loyalty because your booklets connect with customers. Solve your customers' problems, write your copy like they speak, showcase customers and highlight case studies, and your customers will feel connections with your company and identify you as the go-to brand for their needs. Not only that, they will identify themselves as buyers of your brand, which ingrains the type of brand loyalty you will benefit from for decades. Add

value and motivate sales

Your booklets should not be full-onslaught sales pitches, but informative and helpful publications your customers will want to read and keep. That being said, there's nothing wrong with having a few product or service showcases throughout your booklet, adding in a coupon section, or offering a coupon code if they purchase your recommended products and services from you.

Once you've established expertise, built a connection and earned trust, adding some time-limited value-added incentives such as discounts and coupons can motivate direct sales almost instantly. The combination of these three properties makes booklet printing a highly attractive way to market your business. Not only can you earn direct sales from a given booklet marketing campaign, you can establish the trust and loyalty needed to keep customers coming back to you for many years to come.