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Try These Five Business Card Shapes

Five Business Card Shapes

You know that custom business card shapes can greatly enhance your marketing prowess from the moment you say “hello.” Left behind at meetings, seminars, conferences and just about anywhere else, the shape of your business card can greatly influence how others perceive your company, your brand, and your products and services – and even how they perceive you. That's why choosing the right business card shapes is so critical to your success. Fortunately, the following lists a few business card shapes that will undoubtedly lead to powerful marketing campaigns.

1. Rounded corner business card shape

The rounded corner business card shape is sensible and elegant, with a touch of modernism that says the man behind the card, and the company behind the man, is firmly grounded in reality but not afraid to take a few risks to earn the biggest return.

2. Circle business card shape

The circular business card is a sure attention-getter that says you aren't afraid to buck convention yet you're confident enough to do it without batting an eye. A circle, or round, business card must be backed by a supremely confident personality in order to not appear flaky or gimmicky. When done right, it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

3. Slim business card shape

A slim rectangle, a full one-inch shorter than its standard 3.5-inch by 2-inch counterpart, the slim business card shape is a modern device with a definite techie edge. If your business is in the technology arena, the slim business card shape is an excellent choice for a refined, sophisticated image. Keep in mind that you can also add tweaks such as rounded corners, inset die cuts and other shapes to slim business cards.

4. Mini square business card shape

Similar in area to most circular business cards, the mini square business card shape is another modern card that's perfect for the technology industry. But that's not all it's good for: Due to its constrained and proportional features, the mini square business card shape is also perfect for businesses with tradition – say, an Irish pub that's been down the street for more than 100 years. Try angling the corners for a sophisticated look.

5. Jumbo square business card shape

Loud and proud at 3.5 inches square, the jumbo square business card shape pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. It won't fit easily into most wallets, and that just might be the point. If your company is cutting-edge big and bold, don't be afraid to bring the jumbo square business card shape to the big corporate executive business party. If you do, there can be no doubt that you will be remembered well after the party!