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Unforgettable Baby Shower Invitations

resources imageBaby shower invitations are some of the most exciting announcements you'll ever send - and some of the most precious keepsakes you can put in your baby albums and photo frames. If you're a proud parent, you want to make your baby shower invitations unforgettable. After all, each child is special - why settle for run-of-the-mill, store-bought baby shower invitations when you can craft custom creations that are perfect to announce the arrival of your new bundle of joy?

What to put on baby shower invitations

Most baby showers are held before the baby actually arrives, so including a picture of your newborn is typically out of the question (unless, of course, you opt to include a photo of the ultrasound, which would be rather unique and unforgettable). You could place a photo of the proud parents-to-be and/or siblings or opt for images, shapes and silhouettes associated with the birth of a new baby such as bottles, rattles, baby beds, etc.

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Apart from your images, you'll also need to include the name of the mother-to-be, the date, time and address of the baby shower, whether you'd like an RSVP and a contact number, and a map to the location. You can also include things attendees should bring, such as their own drinks or a covered dish. Baby registry information is likewise helpful to gift buyers: though some believe it to be tacky to directly ask for gifts, those who wish to give gifts find it exceedingly helpful when they know what is wanted and needed for the baby.

Baby shower invitation design styles

The sky is the limit when it comes to baby shower invitation design. You can be contemporary with solid colors or patterns, you could choose pastels or dark and heavy lines, you could use images and graphics or simply key in on the text, or you could go with a vintage Norman Rockwell-inspired design. Many baby shower invitations are designed in blue or pink if the gender of the baby is known; however, you're certainly not limited to these two oft-overused hues. A green, red, orange or even tan-accented baby shower invitation can lend prestige. Borders are another great way to set your baby shower invitations apart from bland store-bought versions.

Baby shower invitation add-ons

For a truly unique look, you could have your baby shower invitations die cut in a specific shape (such as a rattle) or include a foil stamp to add a certain certifiable prestige to the event. PsPrint has hundreds of die-cut templates in many shapes you can download for free; or, create a custom shape and have PsPrint develop a template for you. All you need is a good graphic design program - or even a good work processor such as Open Office or Microsoft Word - to custom design your own baby shower invitations.

Baby shower invitation printing

Baby shower invitations can be printed on many types of paper, folded or unfolded, placed in envelopes or mailed like postcards. All in all, a good paper stock is 16-point cover gloss or 13-point  recycled matte, either of which will enrich your design and help your baby invitations stay durable for decades of storage and display.