Unique Booklet Marketing Ideas

resources imageBooklet marketing has proven to be one of the most effective advertising techniques today. Booklets allow you to deliver useful, wanted information to your customers in a way that brands your company and generates sales. Creative booklet marketing ideas include sending guides to potential customers about how to do something effectively. One of the most popular examples of late was a Microsoft booklet that walked search engine marketing newbies through the ad creation and optimization process. Such a booklet generates interest and sales because it encourages the timid to be confident they're taking the proper steps toward prosperity. Giving away booklets in return for contact information, sending booklets unsolicited in the mail and placing booklets in creative places such as hotels, restaurants, bus stations, and doctors' offices are all examples of distribution techniques that work. These are all great ideas that could be employed by any business; and yet there are still more creative booklet marketing ideas you could leverage to surpass the competition.

Make a keepsake

Instead of a how-to guide that will be read once or twice, try turning your booklet into a meaningful keepsake your customers will enjoy sharing again and again. Brand your company with a logo or other information in the footer of every page, and include a bio on one of the front or back inside pages. Your keepsake booklet should be consistent with your business. A baby clothing outlet could give away free baby albums or important event trackers; or a weight loss program could give away a weight loss tracker with helpful hints and tricks.

Make a cookbook

Cookbooks aren't limited to the kitchen and food industries. Even the macho WWE released a cookbook with recipes from popular wrestlers and personalities. With a bit of ingenuity, you can write a cookbook for almost any niche. The writer's cookbook, for example, might consist of fast 'n' easy finger foods that can be eaten at a computer. The college kid's cookbook might list recipes for economy in taste. Again, it's important that you brand your company throughout the cookbook, and it doesn't hurt to toss your pitch in with some coupons somewhere in the booklet.

Make a picture book

resources imageLiving rooms, doctors' offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and other places are good outlets for coffee table picture books. If you're a photographer (or at least know one) who can take compelling photos that relate to your target audience, you can shoot a masterful photo booklet that people will want to look at. Like National Geographic is to nature and culture, your booklet could be to your industry. Remember to brand, brand, brand!

Make a game

Can you turn your booklet into a cool game your target audience would enjoy? If your products are aimed at children and families, creating a game they'll enjoy shouldn't take too much work and - if the game is fun - you'll be able to consistently brand your company to your target audience.