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Unique Business Announcement Card Ideas

resources imageBusiness announcement cards are a great way to share milestones with customers, investors and prospects. They build relationships and lend credibility to your company, and ultimately lead to more sales. Business announcement cards can be used to announce anything from sales milestones to product and service additions, new hires to promotions, commitments to green energy to just about anything else noteworthy you'd like to share. When announcing a notable business achievement, don't settle for a bland announcement card that simply relays the news - that's what press releases are for. Instead, craft a stellar design that captivates immediate attention and emblazons your message in your readers' memories. One of the best design techniques to employ here is the oddity - something that is so totally unexpected it is impossible to ignore.

Be shocking

There are many inspiration outlets for shock advertising, the type that turns heads and spins wheels. Life insurance companies often depict images of families laughing and playing - displaying family values that are worth preserving. But consider the life insurance company that chose to stray from this concept by instead depicting a tombstone in a foggy graveyard. The message was clear: This is where you're going to end up, what will you leave behind?

Be funny

resources imageThe business announcement worked for that particular life insurance company, but that doesn't mean your odd business announcements have to be morbid. A laughing monkey playing the piano is a funny scene and has plenty of attention-getting oddity value. In fact, humor might be the best way to announce business milestones because it is universally appreciated and so it is more likely to be read. To discover what will work for your business announcements, consider your industry and what your target audience finds funny, poignant or exciting. Make a list of those concepts and then try to cross reference them with your notable news to find a poignant and relevant correlation. If you take the time to brainstorm, by the time you get to this point you should be faced with plenty of options for your creative business announcement design. Choose the one that fits best, is most easily understood, and (in most cases) the least likely to offend.

Use a professional printer

Once you have your business announcement card design, all that's left to do is go to print and distribution. Print your business announcement cards on premium paper stocks, such as 16-point gloss cover or 13-point  recycled gloss cover. Look for creative ways to employ print design techniques to enhance your message. The laughing, piano-playing monkey might stand out even more with a gold foil-stamped tooth; or you might want to incorporate a die cut of a vine on recycled paper as part of your announcement that your business has gone green. Creativity sells, there's no doubt about it. The weird and the odd capture attention. Together, they represent a powerful sales weapon that becomes a formidable asset in any graphic designer's arsenal.