Unique Hanukkah Designs

unique hanukkah designs

Creating unique Hanukkah designs can be a challenge since so many graphic designers seem to focus on the same themes and symbols. The problem is, they are the most recognizable symbols and represent the easiest way to ensure that your audience quickly surmises that your message is Hanukkah-related. Thus, your goal is to deploy Hanukkah designs that relate the symbols and themes in a new and unique way that captures the essence of the holiday without looking like everyone else's marketing materials. The following unique Hanukkah design ideas can serve as your inspiration.

Craft creative menorahs

Not all menorahs are created equal, and you can have a heyday coming up with creative menorah designs that suit your target audience. Start with unique stem designs. Concepts include cartoon characters holding candles, gargoyles, flowers, moose antlers, golf tees, kitchen utensils, outdoor tools and just about anything else you can come up with.

Die cut and foil stamp

If you're going to use a traditional menorah, star or dreidel shape, you can turn your print marketing materials into die-cut masterpieces. You can have dies custom made for your project, complete with cut-outs, to get a unique shape for your Hanukkah pieces. You can also dress up any design with a shiny foil stamp. A good example is menorah flames.

Make your own dreidel

You can design a dreidel in your company colors, or re-imagine your logo as a spinning dreidel on your Hanukkah postcards, brochures, flyers and catalogs. You can even make the interior dreidel design so that it matches your company motto, or dress it up with images of your products, employees, customers or any other important faction of your business. Spruce up your entire design by combining this concept with a die cut and/or foil stamp.

Use fonts to connect with your customer

Depending on your customer, your product or service and the tone of your promotion, you can use fonts to help connect with your customer. Ancient-looking serif fonts harken thoughts of tradition, loyalty, trust and honor; while sleek sans serif contemporary fonts denote modernity, freshness and state-of-the-art technology or practices.

Draw a winter scene

You don't have to use the symbols of Hanukkah to deploy holiday-related marketing materials to your audience. Instead, go with a brilliant winter scene with shimmering foil stamped snow, a die-cut snowman, kids on sleds, gifts and anything else winter-related. No matter how your Hanukkah designs are themed, make sure your offer is highlighted and easy to read, and that your benefits to the customer are clear and properly supported with facts. Include a call to action, and always print on premium papers for the best results. You can even go green with eco-friendly paper stocks that serve as perfect complements to a responsible direct-marketing campaign. Last but not least, make sure you download a free template for whatever you're designing this Hanukkah to ensure that your finished design looks as great off the press as it does on your computer screen.