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Use Moving Announcement Cards to Stay In Touch

Planning a move can be quite stressful. Not only do you have to make arrangements for all the things you'll be taking with you, you also need to consider those you'll leave behind. The easiest way to ensure your friends and family members can stay in touch with you after the move is by printing and distributing moving announcement cards. With one fell swoop, you can place moving announcement cards in the hands of all the important people in your life. The following details how to create moving announcement cards so you don't lose track of those closest to you.

What to put on moving announcement cards

resources imageYour moving announcement cards should include the reasons for your move (perhaps a warmer climate for retirement, a job opportunity or a return to your roots). You should also include your new contact information: new address and phone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, ]]>Facebook]]> profile (if you have one), and any other way your friends and family can contact you. Last but not least, include the date of your move as well as any going away party information, if applicable.

How to design your moving announcement cards

resources imageIf you don't hire a professional to design your moving announcement cards, rest assured that the process can be incredibly easy. Start by downloading a free announcement card template from PsPrint. Open the template in your favorite editing program - even simple word processors will work - and lay out your pertinent information in clear, easy-to-read text. You might also want to place a photo of you and/or your family. Add an artistic touch such as a colored background, a patterned border or anything else that you'd like to include. Make sure you stay within your template guidelines so that everything aligns correctly when you go to print.

How to print moving announcement cards

The two most important factors when printing moving announcement cards are quality and durability. Business associates who receive your moving announcement cards need to see a high-quality print; friends and family need something durable they can place in their rolodexes or stick on their refrigerators so they last. Print your announcement cards on thick, premium 16-point gloss or 13-point  recycled cover stock paper for best results. Add a UV coating for an elegant sheen that will protect your moving announcement cards from damage for years.

How to distribute moving announcement cards

Sometimes you can simply print a few moving announcement cards and hand them to friends and family face-to-face, but if you need to distribute dozens or even hundreds of moving announcements you might be better off having your printing company's mail house handle the distribution for you. All you have to do is supply your printer with a list of names and addresses, and they can take care of the rest. If you have enough announcements to qualify for bulk rate, this method can even save you quite a bit of cash compared to individually stamping and mailing them yourself - plus, you won't have the hassle when you're already busy coordinating your move.