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Use Online Sticker Printing To Brand Your Company

resources imageYou know that branding is important to the success of your business, but if you're on a limited budget it can be difficult to buy all the billboard space in the countryside or constantly run television ads. Even large banner printing can be budget-killing for some small businesses; but have no fear: online sticker printing is an affordable way to brand your company.

Sticker printing is cheap

The reason online sticker printing is such a great way to brand your company is twofold: First, you simply get more exposure for your dollar. Since you can print thousands of stickers practically dirt cheap, you can place your stickers in thousands of distribution points and potentially reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of customers in a very short amount of time. Second, you can take advantage of the power of the unexpected. Stickers can be placed where other marketing materials can't and when you catch customers off-guard, they're more likely to remember your company for the long term.

Go with quality sticker printing

Of course, you'll want to print quality stickers so as not to jeopardize your company's reputation. And the better quality your stickers, the more longevity they'll have and the more customers they'll reach over time. Choose either top-quality glossy paper stickers with easy crack-and-peel backing for indoor use, premium vinyl paper with glossy UV coating for indoor or outdoor use, or clear polyester sticker paper with glossy UV coating for indoor or outdoor use for best results.

Distribution is key

resources imageKnow your customers by heart and understand where your target audience goes and what motivates your sector. Then, blanket these areas with your stickers (make sure you have permission use - simply placing stickers on everything in sight is the equivalent of sending spam e-mails). Keep your message simple and clear yet compelling, and include a call to action (such as listing a website URL) to take full advantage of the power of sticker marketing. You should also seek creative sticker distribution opportunities, such as on the wall in front of a men's restroom stall for a beer company, the ceiling above a dentist's chair for a mouthwash company, or the inside of a company medicine cabinet for a pain-killer brand. The more creative and relevant your distribution, the more likely you'll be remembered when customers need what you sell. Of course, you should also place your stickers in with every material you send - bumper stickers go well in corporate identity packages; employees can place stickers on their vehicles; filing cabinet stickers that add value with a calendar or handy chart, etc. All of these make it more likely that your customers will actually use your stickers on their own so your branding efforts are doubled, not to mention you'll get the benefits of third-party word of mouth.