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Vinyl Banner Christmas Marketing Secrets

vinyl banner christmas EDITED

How many times have you used a vinyl banner as part of your overall Christmas marketing? If the answer is zero, then you're undoubtedly missing out on an exciting marketing opportunity that can dramatically increase your Christmas sales this year. Learn and master the following vinyl banner Christmas marketing secrets, and you'll be poised to maximize your profits.

Vinyl banners are impossible to ignore  A large-format vinyl banner strategically positioned in a high-traffic area or an area where your target customer base frequents will not be ignored. When you have a compelling offer and attention-getting design, along with a powerful call to action, your Christmas vinyl banners will be noticed and responded to. Few other marketing mediums command attention in the same way vinyl banners do. 

Vinyl banners are easy to distribute A single vinyl banner can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers every single day. Finding distribution points for your vinyl banners is easy; in fact, there are only two possible criteria: high-traffic areas and areas your target customer base frequents. You only need to know your city to know where you can reach a high amount of vehicle and foot traffic; look for opportunities to place your vinyl banners where they will be seen along such routes. And you only need to know your customers (as you should) to know where they go; again, look for opportunities to place your vinyl banners where they will be seen by your customers.

Vinyl banners have staying power Print your Christmas vinyl banners on 9 oz. white vinyl mesh, and they will be weather and rain resistant, and they will resist tearing even in high winds. A single vinyl banner can easily last months, so you can maximize your return on investment simply by printing a vinyl banner and placing it in a strategic spot for months at a time. This is especially useful in the two months leading up to Christmas, when people start shopping early and planning their Black Friday shopping sprees even before Thanksgiving arrives.

Vinyl banners are incredibly cheap to print Given the fact that vinyl banners can reach hundreds or even thousands of people in a single day, coupled with the fact that vinyl banners can easily last for months at a time, your total Christmas marketing exposure for a single vinyl banner comes at an incredibly cheap price. In fact, you can print a 3-foot by 10-foot vinyl banner on weather-resistant 9 oz. white vinyl mesh, complete with pole pockets for easy set-up, for right around $200. And when you keep an eye out for special offers, you can print vinyl banners even cheaper. Thus, if you have a single vinyl banner that costs $200, and 1,000 people are exposed to it each day over a 30-day period, you get 30,000 views at a price of less than one cent per view. Compare that to the price of stamps alone, and you know you're making a great investment when it comes to Christmas vinyl banner printing and marketing.