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Crazy Ways to Use Custom Posters

resources imageFor some companies, a simple poster is just what they need to promote their brand and enhance customer loyalty. But for other companies, shock value is important and they want to wow their audiences with the unforgettable, the weird, the odd custom poster that commands attention. If you're that type of company, read on to learn about some crazy ways you can use custom posters to up the wow factor.

Place custom posters in bathroom stalls

This idea isn't original, but many companies would be loathe to place their posters inside restroom stalls. But since you like living on the edge (and your customers do as well), posting your advertisement big and bold so potential customers have something better to read than the newspaper when they're on the throne is a great idea. This is especially true if you can come up with something that is unique, comical in light of the setting, and still somehow relevant to your products and services. Something like: "Looking flushed? Get GirlCare Face Cream Today!"

Custom posters... on the ceiling

Nearly every poster you see is hung on doors walls, or windows. So consider hanging your wild and crazy custom poster on the ceiling! A doctors' office is good potential place for this, since you're apt to be lying down in a dentist's chair or on a chiropractor's table. Hair salons might be another great place, since you might have to lean back to get your hair styled or dyed.

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There are other creative uses for ceiling posters as well. Let's say you're a brewing company and you're looking for a humorous way to brand your company in bars. You might deploy a poster hung from the ceiling that says: "If you're reading this, get off the floor before the police get here. Come back tomorrow for a cold ABC Brew." Since many posters strive to emblazon brand memory into viewers' brains, you can print two posters to work in tandem. A wall poster might advice potential customers to "Look up!" while a ceiling-mounted poster might say: "Monkeys always look. They also use ABC Product."

Fake window or doorway to something awesome

Here's where you can get really weird, wild and wacky: turn your custom poster into a fake window or doorway to something absolutely amazing. It could be another world! Let's say you're selling a body spray targeted toward young men. You could put up a poster on department store walls that looks like a window to a world where all the women are beautiful, scantily clad and looking for men who wear that particular body spray in order to ensure the survival of their planet. It's crazy and off the wall - and it just might work Always remember to print custom posters on great-looking premium paper that resists fading and lasts a long time. Excellent choices include 100-pound gloss text or cover stock or 16-point gloss cover stock. For subtlety, you could instead go with a 13-point recycled percent matte cover stock. No matter how crazy your custom poster designs and uses are you still need to print responsibly!