Weatherproof Vinyl Banners

resources imageWhat better way to market than with an enormous vinyl banner that can be seen hundreds of feet - sometimes even miles - away? This is especially true if you want to capture the attention of a crowd or passers-by. Banners hung from buildings, stages, between poles, tents, on walls, and anywhere else always get a look as long as they're hanging. Though banners are cost effective overall, they do represent an investment, so if you're going to be hanging your banners outdoors for extended periods or possibly in stormy weather, you should order weatherproof vinyl banners. While no one can guarantee that no banner will ever fail, there are some things you can do to ensure your banners have longevity and durability.

Go mesh

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Start with a top-quality 13-ounce white mesh vinyl banner material that allows heavy winds to push through without damage. This type of material has the added benefit of allowing people to see out from the back (non-printed) side, so it's perfect for outdoor stages where winds can pick up speed over open fields. You'll also want to order your banners finished with hems and grommets, which add strength and stability to your vinyl banners at their most vulnerable tear-points. Hems strengthen the edges of your vinyl banners, while grommets allow you to secure your banners to heavy immovable objects. Vinyl mesh stretches with wind gusts and has enough elastic ability to pull back into shape, so your banner will have a much better chance of standing up to wind and rain. One caveat: Vinyl can get brittle in extreme cold and is not typically recommended for subzero temperatures.

Go green

Your banners should also be printed with eco-friendly fade-resistant inks that resist the scorching heat of the sun so your banner designs stay vibrant year round. You get the added benefit of being eco-friendly, which you can use as part of your green promotions.

Go matte

Of course, if you're not planning to brave the elements you can go with a high-grade 13-ounce white vinyl banner with matte finish and substitute hems and grommets for pole pockets. Both types of vinyl banners are flame resistant and equally viable for indoor and outdoor use. Mesh banners with advanced hem and grommet support simply stand up better to rough weather. No matter what type of indoor or outdoor vinyl banner you choose, don't forget basic direct-marketing techniques such as concise, powerful copy; aesthetically-pleasing, attention-getting design; features, benefits, offer and call to action; and high-quality vinyl banner printing. Go big, be bold, sell more.