What Customers Buy on Easter

resources imageWhen asked, "What do customers buy on Easter?" many laymen would say candy, eggs, bunnies, baskets and fake plastic grass. That answer is technically correct, if not comprehensive. Businesspeople know that the full answer to this question is "everything." Customers don't just stop buying everything else they need because it is the Easter season - and in fact the waning winter and spurt of springtime shine can motivate even more buying activity. So instead of asking what customers buy on Easter, you should be identifying why they buy on Easter. You've undoubtedly heard that customers buy on emotion and justify with logic. This might be true, but keep in mind that customers can't buy at all if they don't know you sell what they want. You have to be able to reach your customers and stand out from the competition if you want to have a profitable business. That's why direct-mail marketing is so critical to your success.

Understanding your customers

Your first step is to completely understand your customers. Ask yourself why your current customers buy from you, and who your perfect customers are. Identify what void you fill for them or how you otherwise enhance their quality of life. Compare your top 10 customers to define what characteristics make for a likely buyer, and use this information to compile a highly targeted mailing list for your Easter marketing campaigns. Once you understand your customers, you can develop an offer that appeals to their demographic. Craft a compelling pitch with an offer they can't refuse, and infuse it with a clear call to action in a smart direct-mail postcard, brochure or catalog with to bring customers in droves. resources imageYour Easter marketing design is integral because you have to get that first glance before potential customers will read your message, much less respond to your offer. You can go with traditional Easter graphic design themes, a variation thereof, or something truly unique or off the wall. No matter what design you choose, make sure it's attention grabbing at a glance.

Use direct mail to build brand loyalty

Your next step is to supplement your direct-mail marketing campaign with print marketing distribution of posters, flyers, door hangers and vinyl banners. Ideally, your customer would pass your banner on the way to work, see your flyer at the lunch counter, pass your poster on the way home, and come home to your door hanger or postcard waiting for them. This sequence boosts sales because repetition builds brands, reputation, credibility, loyalty and, most of all, profit. Finally, you should implement a tracking system so you can determine who responded to your marketing efforts, why they responded, and what they ultimately purchased. The benefits are twofold because not only can you use this information to fine-tune your Easter marketing efforts next year, you can also fine-tune your offer. In essence, tracking can answer the question of why customers buy, and also the question of what customers buy from your company on Easter.