What Makes A Good Magnet Template?

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Magnets are perfect for promoting your business because they are useful and add value to your customers' lives, either by presenting valuable information such as athletic schedules and conversion charts or by simply being magnets handy for affixing important items to magnetic surfaces. If you're going to design your own magnets, you'll want to start with a magnet template. Magnet templates will make your job easier because you won't have to set up your design file – it's already done for you – and you can focus solely on your magnet design. But what makes a good magnet template? Not all magnet templates are created equal, so read on to learn what your magnet templates need to include to ensure a successful and great-looking magnet printing job.

Proper setup

A good magnet template makes your job as a designer as simple as possible. Your template should not need to be tweaked in order for you to be able to use it. That means your magnet template should already be prepared in the correct size for your magnet, the proper color mode (typically CMYK) and the best printing resolution (at least 300 dpi). When your template is properly set up, all you have to do is open it and start designing your magnet.

Helpful guides

Designing and printing magnets involves more than simply putting your design in a file and sending it out. You need to understand how the printing process works so you can properly position your paper design. When your magnet design gets to the printer, it will be printed multiple times on the same roll of paper. Then, that paper will be cut for each individual magnet design. If your design is not positioned correctly it could be cut off and your background might not extend to your magnet borders. That's why good magnet templates have helpful guidelines – cutlines, bleed lines and safe area lines – so you can be sure your design is positioned perfectly.


You should be able to open and use your magnet templates in a wide variety of programs, from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to InDesign, Pagemaker and QuarkXPress. Look for magnets available in Adobe PDF format for maximum accessibility. You can then output your design in whatever format your printer accepts.


There's no reason to pay for magnet layout templates, especially when you can find excellent high-quality magnet templates for free online. Get your free magnet templates from PsPrint today to see how easy they make your job as a graphic designer, marketer or business owner. And no matter how great your templates and magnet designs are, don't forget to double check your proof for typos and layout errors before you approve the final print run.