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What to Put in Your Pocket Folders

What to Put in Your Pocket Folders

Whether you are making a business presentation, handing out information at trade shows or mailing out a promotional kit to a potential customer, pocket folders are an excellent way to organize and conveniently keep all of your marketing collateral together. So what should you put in your pocket folders? Even though it somewhat depends on what you are doing with the folders, there are few things you can be sure to have inside of them. .

Your business card

Putting your business card in your pocket folders is essential, even if you already gave your potential client a card beforehand. This is so they will have one on hand in case the other one is misplaced or discarded. Your contact information is more important than anything else in your marketing package, so make sure your pocket folder has pre-cut slits to hold your card in place. If your card is shaped in a non-standard shape or size, then make sure you have custom slits cut in order to accommodate the size of your card.

Brochures and booklets

Be sure to put any brochures or booklets about your product, service or company into your pocket folders – they don’t necessarily all have to be about the specific product or service you are trying to push. It can be general information about your company, as long as it serves a purpose in pushing the message you are trying to send. Don’t clutter up the folder with items that are completely irrelevant to the marketing message you are trying to send.

Charts and posters

If you are giving a presentation that involves multiple charts or graphs, you can include individual copies of them in your pocket folder so your potential clients can view them during your meeting, or have them for review later on. You can also include large-format posters that at are folded up to fit inside the pocket folder, depending on your needs.

Notepad and pen

It is a good idea to include a small notepad and pen in your pocket folders, especially if you are giving them out in a meeting setting where taking notes could be useful. That way, your potential client has a way to take notes while you are speaking – you can even point out that a notepad and pen are inside in case they would like to write anything down. This is a helpful gesture which shows you are thoughtful and that you pay attention to detail. Also, be sure your company logo and contact info are also printed on the notepad and pen – don’t let any potential marketing space go to waste. .

CD or DVD copies

If you are giving a presentation from a CD or DVD, you can provide a viewing copy for the client within the pocket folder for them to review later on. This can be very convenient, especially if there is a lot of information covered in your presentation. Be sure to put the disc in a printed sleeve in order to keep everything as professional-looking as possible.