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Where To Place Your Business Card Magnets

Where To Place Your Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets are perfect for growing your business, because they can be deployed in many creative ways and with repetition. You know that the key to marketing success is, in part, repetition; and the more creative your approach to advertising, the more likely it is your message will be memorable. One of the best attributes of business card magnets is that they offer a lot of bang for your marketing buck since they're cheap to print and tend to last a long time – especially if you have them finished with a durable UV coating. This article lists places you should consider distributing your business card magnets to command attention, grow your return on investment and ultimately profit from greater sales.

On public property

You can work with your city administrators to get “ad space” on public property for your business card magnets. Since magnets simply attach to any magnetic surface without the use of adhesives, there will be no qualms about sticky residues or other property damage. Also, you can provide revenue to the city through the purchase of this space, so negotiations should be a win-win for all. You can place your business card magnets on counter tops for distribution (especially if your magnets have a value-added chart, schedule or other information), on municipal vehicles and equipment, on metal utility poles and more.

In restroom stalls

One often-overlooked place for business card magnets is the inside of restroom stall doors. When you place your business card magnets here, you will be noticed – guaranteed. It's such an odd place for this sort of advertising that it's impossible not to notice you. Make your magnet stand out with a funny yet relevant saying or image, and you're bound to earn business from restroom stall marketing.

In the home and office

Business card magnets, as you might already know, work well on refrigerators, filing cabinets, coffee machines and any other magnetic metal surface you can think of inside the home or office. Again, try to come up with a way to make your magnets relevant to the specific item they'll be deployed on to make them more relevant and effective.

In envelopes

Your business card magnets should be included with every piece of correspondence you send out. People do not like to throw magnets away – really – because they're so useful for keeping papers in order. Magnets feel valuable and weighty, and therefore can even earn more opens in your direct-mail marketing efforts – which in turn will lead to more sales. Thus, whether you're sending out a direct-mail sales letter or simply paying this month's utility bill, include a magnet every time to brand your company and increase your return on investment.

In your product packaging

If you sell wholesale or retail items, make sure you include a business card magnet in the box so you can promote more sales. This is a simple step that can pay huge dividends – it only takes a second to slip a magnet into a box that might end up being on someone's fridge for years – and land you hundreds or thousands of dollars in potential business.