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Window Cling Design, Printing and Marketing Tips

Window Cling Design, Printing and Marketing Tips

Window clings can be affordable seasonal marketing tools for your business storefront and, if you're a graphic designer, they can be custom products you design, print and sell. No matter how you want to use window clings, the following serves as your introductory course to window cling design, printing and marketing.

Window cling design

Window clings are designed just like anything else – in your favorite graphics editing program. You can download free window cling layout templates from PsPrint. These templates contain no design elements; rather, they're ready-to-go in the right size, resolution, and color format – plus, they include helpful guides such as bleed lines, cut lines, and safe area lines so you can be assured of print-ready window cling artwork.

If you're designing window clings to promote your brand, products and services, you might want to incorporate your brand colors into your design. Alternatively, bright colors and contrasting colors can help your window clings stand out and draw customers in, especially if they highlight special sales and discounts. If you're designing window clings to sell retail, there are dozens of themes you can draw from. For example, you can design window themes for other businesses, for holidays, for fun characters (especially if you create your own or get licensed to use popular characters on your window clings), and kids-related themes such as birthdays, animals, soldiers and princesses, the plants, and many, many more.

Once you've crafted your design, double-check your layout then delete the layout guideline layer and save it as a PDF or other accepted format. Now, you're ready to print.

Window cling printing

Window cling printing is the simplest part of the process: all you have to do is upload your print-ready artwork, select your printing options, check your proof, and let your window cling printing company handle the rest.

The most important choices you'll make have to do with what type of stock you want to print your window clings on. Choose between white static window cling and white repositionable adhesive stock. White static window clings feature a static-charged backing that allows them to cling to windows. They can be removed and repositioned many times over, and reused year after year. White repositionable aadhesive stock features an adhesive backing that can be removed and repositioned five times before the adhesive begins to lose its holding power. That makes it perfect for walls, doors, floors, and other non-window places you want to feature your clings.

Once you've decided on your paper stock, you can select one of 14 sizes between 2-inch by 2-inch and 17-inch by 11-inch (which you should have already done during the design phase), and your print quantity (minimum 25).

Window cling marketing

If you're using window clings to market your brand, products and services, there are several strategic ways to position them for success. You can place window clings featuring your logo on your storefront or on storefronts where your products are sold. You can place them on vehicle glass and grocery refrigerator glass. You can place clings on windows and mirrors to promote special sales and discounts.

If you print adhesive clings, you can place them on walls to showcase a featured product in your store. You can also place them on the floor – one creative idea is to print them in the shape of footprints that lead to your special sale. There's no limit to where and how you can use window clings, and the best part is you can reposition them to test how successful they are in different locations until you find the perfect placement to promote customer activity, sales, and profits.

If you're going to sell window clings as products, there are many ways to market them. You can, for example, work out agreements with retailers to carry them in your store, selling on consignment. You can put up a website to sell your window clings, or sell them on already-existing online marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can also be excellent places to find customers.

You can also attend trade shows, which present opportunities to convince distributors and retailers both online and off to carry your window cling product line. There are many other events and avenues for promoting your window clings, largely dependent on your themes. For example, you might print window clings for a university and sell them at a campus bookstore; or, you might print window clings featuring favorite comic book characters and sell them at Comic Con.

Finally, you might target specific businesses to design and print custom window clings. Mechanics, for example, need window clings to place in customers' windshields as service date and mileage reminders. And just about any business, particularly retail businesses and brands that are sold via retail, can market their products with window clings. You might be able to carve out a nice niche for yourself within a given industry for custom

window cling design and printing. Window cling design, printing, and marketing are relatively easy when you take advantage of the tools available to you. Start with free window cling templates, choose a reliable printer that provides excellent quality, and employ a strategic marketing strategy to boost profits with window clings.