Window Decal Design Ideas

window decal design ideas

Window decal design ideas vary depending on the context and goal of your window decal marketing campaign: retail, service, political, on-location or off. At the same time some basic tenets exist that are paramount to success for any window decal design. The following examines basic window decal design ideas and takes a look at a few different specific types of window decal design ideas you can use to promote your business, brand, product, service or candidacy. Keep it simple One of the most important window decal design ideas that applies to all window decals is to keep your design simple. Keep in mind that potential customers will be passing your window decals at anywhere between a pedestrian pace and a few dozen miles per hour, so your window decal designs need to be easy to notice and comprehend up close, at a distance, and at a glance. The main elements you need are a headline or phrase, perhaps a tagline or benefit, a logo, and any special offer. Brevity and clarity are paramount for text. You can also include an image that either grabs attention or cleverly demonstrates your benefits, or, in a perfect world, both. Incorporate plenty of white space between your window decal design elements for best results. Command attention In order for your window decals to be read, they first have to be noticed. Colors that contrast with surroundings or with themselves (such as yellow and black) are sure to stand out. Unexpected, clever or humorous imagery is a great way to get potential customers to look twice – then take a closer look. Large-format window decal designs are easy to read from a distance; and if they're centered at eye level, they're also easy to read up close. If you have products in your window display, you don't have to make window decals that cover your entire window; instead, use window decals to “frame” your products and promote special deals. Political window decal design ideas If you're running for office, the biggest element on your window decals should be your last name. Next should be the position you're running for. After that, you can have your first name and tagline, similarly-sized. Fill out your window decal design with color; most politicians choose red, white and blue. If you want to stand out as being different, try different hues of these colors or go with completely different colors altogether. Retail window decal design ideas A major advantage to on-site retail locations with large window displays is that customers can see your products and services; you don't have to come up with graphics to represent them. But window decals can be used as borders and super-large-format discount signs, enticing customers to walk right in your store. Off-site window decal design ideas If you're placing window decals somewhere other than where your business is located, make sure you include imagery that features your product or services or a creatively clever – even humorous – imagery to command attention and create desire. You'll also need a call to action and your contact method, such as a phone number or URL, in large lettering. It needs to be simple and to the point in order for customers to go home and look you up hours later.