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Branding Business Address Stickers

Branding Business Address Stickers

You know that business address stickers are enormous mail room (or desktop) conveniences, but did you know you can also use business address stickers as powerful branding devices? The following details why you should brand your business address stickers, how you should do it, and other tips and tricks for getting the most out of your business address stickers.

Why brand business address stickers?

There is no question that a powerful brand image is at the core of many of the world's most successful companies, and business address stickers play no small role in brand building strategy. All correspondence should be branded with your company name and logo, at the very least, so that recipients are constantly making associations with your company.

How to brand business address stickers?

Business address stickers are cheap and easy to print, but effectively branding them can be a bit of a challenge. As mentioned, your company name and logo must be on your business address labels – but don't stop there! Consider what makes your business different and bring your brand out with other business address sticker design techniques. Are you printing your business address stickers in Times New Roman or Arial font? If so, consider whether your font actually fits your company. If it does not, use a different and distinctive font (that is still easy to read) that matches your company's style. Backgrounds can also help brand your company. Instead of a plain white background for your business address stickers, perhaps a light unobtrusive background design will help bring out your company's style and connect with your customer: pink bubbles for a wedding planner, a wrench for a plumber or a grid for an accountant, for example. Borders offer more great business address sticker branding opportunities. A color border can draw your company's address sticker out and help brand your image. Clever branding borders can be created from nearly anything – an electrical border for an electrician, a dashed border that mimics a coupon for a bargain outlet or a doodled outline for a designer, for example. Die-cut business address stickers are other powerful tools for branding your company. Why does everyone think that business address labels have to be rectangles? Perhaps a circle business address sticker, a sticker printed in the shape of a tool or your die-cut logo would be powerful branding tools. Foil-stamp lettering, logos and shapes are also great attention-getters. Contrast is another way to draw attention to your brand with business address stickers. A black background with white or yellow font will certainly be noticed because it is so different from the rest of the mail. Brainstorm a bit and you can undoubtedly come up with fresh, innovative ideas to get the most out of your business address labels. You might, for example, print extra-large business address stickers to give yourself room to promote the latest special offer, present the recipient with a coupon code, or introduce a new product or service. No matter what it is, remember that your business address labels can be little more than office conveniences, or they can be powerful branding tools that help you win lifelong customers and increase business.