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Creative Design Ideas for Square Business Cards

Creative Design Ideas for Square Business Cards

Most business cards have the same shape and size, which can be handy for wallets but not necessarily striking in a way that makes your business memorable. Your business card is your calling card. It’s the first marketing material you leave behind after introductions to new prospects, after all, so you should strive to develop a business card that gets attention fast and sticks in the mind. You don't want to look like everyone else, especially the competition; so to avoid being square you should consider printing square business cards. The following creative design ideas for square business cards will help get you started on the right foot.

Why go square?

The reason to choose a square business card design instead of a traditional rectangle business card design is simple: It is different, and therefore it makes your company look different. Remember that marketing, not products and services, is what sells. When you print square business cards, your company appears interesting, cutting edge and confident – only a firm that is sure of itself would feel comfortable breaking the mold, and this is exactly what your customers want you to do for them. A square business card communicates all of these things in one quick glance. Don't worry about whether your business card will fit into wallets or Rolodexes, either. The fact of the matter is that if you make a great impression on potential clients, they'll go out of their way to make sure they get back in touch with you. Square business cards will help you make that impression.

Gift package

One great way to make use of a square ]]>business card design]]> is to turn it into a gift coupon for a discount on products or services. And since your design is square you can make it look like a gift package. Try doing it this way: Put your basic business card information on the front of your business card and “wrap” it with a bow, with one of the ties shaped like an arrow that indicates your prospects should turn the card over. On the back, reveal your special offer.

Rounded corners

Nobody said square business cards have to be perfectly square, and you can make yours even more striking by having them die cut with rounded corners. Consider adding a foil stamp for an elegant or boisterous look, depending on how you employ it: bold color fills for fun, or thin letter outlines for prestige.

Stand it up

Another creative way to deploy a square business card design is to have it printed to fold over so it can stand on its own. This is perfect for counter top applications such as restaurants, receptionist desks, table tops and any other areas where you want to stand out. No matter how you look at is, square business cards can help you land great leads and even greater sales. They're easy to ]]>print]]> and carry, and can be deployed in a multitude of environments. Best of all, they demonstrate that you're creatively different from the competition – and that sentiment alone will go a long way toward growing your business.