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Cool Design Ideas for Bookmarks

resources imageBookmark design is one of the most enjoyable challenges a graphic designer can face, and coming up with new cool design ideas for bookmarks is part of the fun. The following details a few ways you can up the cool value of your bookmark designs so they appeal to your audience in a special way.

Historical themes

If your bookmarks are intended for an adult reading audience, particularly a genre audience, you can find tons of inspiration with a bit of historical research. Romance readers, for example, might appreciate a bookmark design that depicts a famous historical romance such as the story of Anthony and Cleopatra. Horror readers might love a bookmark adorned with an image of Edgar Allan Poe and his infamous raven. Readers of political thrillers would certainly appreciate a Shakespearean theme, such as the murder of Brutus.

Die-cut shapes

resources imageRelevance is key to a winning bookmark design, and you can use die cuts to shape your bookmarks into a relevant theme readers will appreciate. Again drawing from our previous examples, you could make a heart-shaped bookmark for romance readers or turn the top of your bookmarks into a raven perched upon a bust of Pallas for horror and mystery readers. You can also use die cuts to capitalize on holiday-themed bookmarks. Imagine a Santa hat at the top of your bookmark for a Christmas theme, or even a die-cut shape that outlines strung lights as a border - integrated with your design, of course. Easter Bunny ears, eggs, four leaf clovers, fireworks and other shapes can be used in conjunction with your full-color bookmark designs for unique can't-miss creations loved by both children and adults.

Reference bookmarks

Some of the coolest bookmark designs are relevant references enjoyed by genre readers. You might make a list of the most notorious characters of all time, complete with images. Or, you might make a mini English-to-Klingon dictionary for science fiction fans. How about a list of fiction's greatest lovers? Relevant novelties are top-selling items in any market, including bookmarks.

Make your bookmarks shine with foil stamps

You can add class and elegance to your bookmark designs, particularly if you're designing for the classic literature or nonfiction crowds, with foil stamps that outline or fill text. Or, add pizzazz to your fun bookmark designs with foil stamped bubbles in the background. Foil stamps are the perfect way to set off any design, and when coupled with a unique angle on a relevant topic they can turn any bookmark into a work of art. When you're designing your bookmarks, it's a good idea to know how they'll be printed so you can ensure the final products look just as great off the press as they do on your screen. Thick 16-point gloss cover stock is the perfect bookmark paper because it is durable and has a glossy sheen that makes your designs pop off the paper.