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Design Your Own Marriage Announcement Cards

Getting ready for the big day is an exciting time for soon-to-be-newlyweds, though wedding planning can also be rather hectic. You want everything to be perfect with a unique flavor that illuminates your love for one another. Personalization is what makes a wedding memorable; each napkin, marriage announcement and photo should be ready for the wedding album or scrapbook. Here's how to design and print your own marriage announcement cards as beautiful keepsakes that commemorate the day you commit your love to one another.

Design your own wedding announcement cards

resources imageDesigning your own wedding announcement cards is fun and easy. You get to let your creativity flow and create a special announcement that is truly one of a kind. Start by choosing the design software you'll use to create your own wedding announcements. Photoshop, InDesign, Quark and Illustrator are all professional design and layout programs but if you're not a professional graphic designer there are far more affordable options that do not have steep learning curves. Just about any open source graphic design program such as Paint.NET, or free programs such as Picasa, will do. You can even use Open Office or Microsoft Word to design your own wedding announcement cards. Get a free marriage announcement card design template from PsPrint so you're sure to design within the printing area and in the correct size, format and resolution. When you're ready to design your own marriage announcement cards, the sky's the limit. Try to match the theme of your wedding and include a photo or two of you and your future spouse. You can also find background images, themed photos and other artwork for your announcement cards from resources such as ]]>Creative Commons]]>. Make sure you don't forget to include information such as your names, the date, time, and place of the wedding and reception, and perhaps a brief timeline or story about your relationship. Now, you're ready to print your own wedding announcement cards.

Print your own marriage announcement cards

Now for the easy part, printing your own marriage announcement cards. Contrary to popular belief, professional printing does not always cost a fortune when you choose the right online printing company. In fact, marriage announcement card printing prices at PsPrint are comparable - or perhaps even cheaper - than the cost of buying pre-scored greeting card paper from your local business supply store and the cost of the ink cartridges it would take to print hundreds of cards. For around a dollar each, you can print 200 5-inch by 7-inch announcement cards on ultra-thick 16-point high-grade glossy cover stock, scored and folded for you, and complete with matching white envelopes. The savings in time and hassle feeding your desktop printer, fixing jams, swapping ink cartridges and folding is worth the expense alone; not to mention the much-higher print quality that transforms your marriage announcement cards into keepsakes for the decades ahead.

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For a more refined look, choose a 13-point recycled matte cover stock and premium 24-pound envelopes. Add extra-glossy protective UV coating and an elegant foil stamp to finish your marriage announcement cards in style. You can also print your marriage announcement cards larger than the standard 5 inches by 7 inches - to really stand out, you can go up to 13 inches by 17 inches. Marriage announcement cards declare and commemorate one of the most important events of your life, so you should design and print your own marriage announcement cards to ensure they're as special and unique as your love for one another.