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Door Hanger Designs of Profitable Companies

Door Hanger Designs of Top Companies

Door hangers are cost-effective yet powerful ways to get the word out about your business, especially in local areas where it's easy for you to organize a team to hit the streets and distribute them for you. Some of the world's most elite companies, from real estate powerhouses such as Coldwell Banker and ReMax to mega pizza franchises such as Pizza Hut and Papa John's, have enlisted the marketing prowess of door hangers to drive customers to their businesses. And of course, just about every room in every corridor of every hotel chain has door hangers. You can put the power of door hangers to work for you – just like the big boys – with these following examples ripped from the door hangers of some of the most profitable companies around.

Dare to be different

Perhaps the most important rule to learn is to be different, to stand out from the competition with a compelling design. Door hangers can be more effective than even self-mailers because they're unlikely to compete for attention. When customers see something hanging from their doors, they immediately give it priority since that is also the place many municipalities place notices. In addition, it is unlikely you're going to have to compete for door hanger space on any given day, as you do for mailbox space. That being said, it is still important that your door hanger designs are different. Run-of-the-mill designs are too easily dismissed and have zero intrigue. Instead, your designs should compel your customers to take a closer look, to fully digest the information presented and to take the next step in the purchasing process.

Have a little fun

A great case-in-point: the ]]>Embassy Suites door hangers found here]]>. Even though they're not direct marketing in the sense that they are not selling a specific product or service, these door hangers work to brand the hotel as hip, fun and good-natured with quotes from famous movies. They help hotel guests feel comfortable and in charge, and can be deployed to targeted audiences based on demographics to that end.

Know your target audience

Tike Tech's ]]>door hanger]]> for its line of aluminum strollers is a direct marketing piece that grabs attention from its front panel (“Rule 1”) and compels customers to turn it over to find out what the first rule is. When they do, they receive a message that is in line with their philosophies and lifestyle – proving that Tike Tech understands and has built a product that endures the lifestyle of active parents.

Food for thought

Finally, this Whole Foods ]]>door hanger]]> looks as though it came out of a 1970s era-illustrated advertisement, but with a modern graphic influence. It seems that almost every grocery advertisement you see includes real photographs of food, so Whole Foods accomplishes the different factor by having a few staple food items illustrated and laid out in a simple design that places emphasis on its message: “365 Everyday Value.” Like Embassy Suites and Tike Tech, Whole Foods knows that being different is what will land them the niche customers they need to be a successful business.