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Hang Tags for Crafts: Sell More of Your Work

If you love to make crafts, whether it's ceramics, woodwork, metal or something else entirely, you can sell more products at craft fairs, trade shows, retail outlets, consignment stores and other avenues if you print hang tags for your crafts. Here's why:

The professional touch

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Hang tags can legitimize a product as being crafted with quality. Whether a craft is quality or not, the perception of quality can be projected with hang tags. When potential customers see a craft basket without a hang tag, they might view it as a work of hobby - artistic, but not necessarily a product worth a monetary purchase. When that same basket has a hang tag, they might view it as a legitimate product for sale, and therefore find more value in the purchase. Hang tags separate the hobbyist from the professional, especially when printed on premium, ultra-thick 16-point cover stock with a glossy finish.

Tell your story

You can additionally add value to your crafts by using hang tags to tell your story. Perhaps you have a unique and interesting history or you've created a legend around your craft work; or maybe you simply want some solid copy to fuel sales. Some crafts, such as birdhouses, might need directions for hanging or operation. You can also use hang tags to give potential customers an inside look at your process - demonstrating how much handcrafted effort goes into your work makes your products more valuable.

Get attention

Hang tags can also be used to garner attention for your products from a distance, especially when they're oversized and/or printed in bright, attention-getting colors. You can also include a startling image on your hang tags, or a humorous image that provokes a closer look. This is a distance strategy, so go with an extra large hang tag that's still reasonably sized for your crafts. Online printing companies such as PsPrint print hang tags in sizes from 2-inch by 2-inch up to 12.5-inch by 17-inch. resources imageTo increase real estate on your hang tags have them scored and folded so you can include more information or simply work on branding by putting your company logo and tagline on the front and back, and your history and sales copy on the inside panels. To get the pre-press layout formatted correctly with the right resolution, size and safety area, you can download a free hang tag template. For many, crafts began as a hobby before budding into a profitable business. When you've made the leap from hobbyist to businessperson, it's important to legitimize your craft products with professional marketing materials. Hang tags are the perfect point-of-sale marketers, and incorporating them as part of your print marketing efforts will help you make more money from your passion.