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How to Place Die-Cut and Foil-Stamp Printing Orders

We print a lot of cool custom pieces at PsPrint. A cool die cut or a special finish such as a foil stamp is a great way to make your printed piece stand out.

So, what is a die cut?

Simply put, a die cut is the process of cutting your printed piece into an unusual shape. It can transform a plain ol’ rectangular business card into a conversation piece.

So, what is a foil stamp?

Foil stamping is the process of applying a thin film of metal to the paper that creates eye-catching results. Metallic foil stamped lettering, backgrounds, lines and other graphic elements are impossible to ignore. We have hundreds of die cuts in our die-cut gallery, or you can get a custom die cut or foil stamp created just for you by contacting our customer service team. When placing an order for a die-cut business card, flyer or sticker, or adding a foil stamp to a printed piece, there are several steps you need to take in order to guarantee that your piece looks its best and the job gets completed as desired. All die cut and foil stamp jobs will require three  separate files: 1. A print file uploaded to the site and attached to the order, following all of our usual guidelines. This file should not include the dieline or area to be produced in foil. 2. A vector file that contains the dieline as a black outline or for foil-stamping, the area that would be foil-stamped as solid shapes (we will require a different file for each color of foil). 3. A FPO file showing the dieline superimposed on top of the print file, uploaded to the account for reference but not attached. We require the same files for a foil stamp. FPO is “for placement only,” reference file that will be used to determine:

  • How you would like your die cut to be cut
  • Where you would like your foil stamp to be placed

If you have any questions, or you would like to get a quote for your die, email diecutting@psprint.com. If you any more questions, please call our expert customer service team at 800.511.2009