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Sell Discount Tickets with Affordable Printing

Event promotion is one of the most rewarding tasks you'll ever have - if you're successful. Great event planners know that giving attendees an incredible experience while maintaining a given budget can present many challenges. One such challenge is event ticket printing: On one hand, you want to emphasize the event experience by including relevant artwork and trackable numbers on your event tickets; on the other hand, you want to print event tickets on the cheap. Enter discount event tickets - the easiest and most affordable way to give your guests photo frame-worthy event tickets without straying outside of your budget. Use the following tips and tricks to cash in on outstanding deals for discount event tickets.

Print full color on both sidesresources image

If you don't need to include much information on your event tickets, you can get away with a full-color front and a blank back - the most economical option. But if you need to print on the back, don't assume that a black-and-white back is cheaper than a full-color back. A quick price comparison reveals that printing full color on both sides costs the same as printing full color on the front and black and white on the back. Printing full color on both sides presents an opportunity to turn your ticket into a work of art your guests will want to frame or scrapbook, which can lead to more discount event ticket sales when their friends and family see them. Perhaps an even better use is to turn the back of your event tickets into an advertisement: you can promote future events or you can partner with another business (such as a nearby restaurant) to help cover your ticket costs.

Have your event tickets perforated

resources imagePerforated tear-off stubs on your event tickets allow you to track how many guests attend your event and to make sure that everyone in attendance is indeed a paid guest. Perforations also add a touch of professionalism and legitimacy to your event, which is crucial if you're promoting a new event for popularity. The best part is that it doesn't cost extra to have your event tickets perforated.

Pass on the bells and whistles

Discount event ticket printing depends on your ability to find ways to get free bells and whistles (color on the back and perforated tear-off stubs) and to know when to pass on extras. You might need to have your event tickets numbered, but otherwise you should resist the temptation to print oversized event tickets and to incorporate die cuts and foil stamps in your event ticket design. Unless your tickets are part of a direct-mail marketing campaign, they won't be seen until purchased and so these devices won't be effective toward making sales.

Get an electronic proof

The easiest way to save money on discount ticket printing is to order an electronic proof. Electronic proofs allow you to double-check your artwork on-screen and by doing so you'll cut out any printing and shipping costs associated with hardcopy proofs. When you follow these techniques, you can print discount event tickets without sacrificing quality. Based on the options listed above, you can order 2,000 event tickets printed on premium 12-point gloss cover stock for about $360 - or 18 cents per ticket.