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Taking Advantage of Printing Services

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When you think of online printing companies, you might envision large print shops with rows of state-of-the-art presses that efficiently and economical put out quality materials and send them out the door. That's part of it, yes, but perhaps you don't know that there are many services online printing companies such as PsPrint offer that can make your job as a designer, marketer or entrepreneur easy and hassle-free while simultaneously boosting your return on investment. Here are some printing services you can take advantage of:

Design services

Unless you're a designer yourself, you'll need to hire one to create all of your marketing materials. Designing for print can be tricky, and so it takes a skilled designer to transfer an amazing design from the computer screen to the press. Choosing an in-house design team eliminates potentially costly mistakes that could delay production, since these designers are familiar with the nuances of their press shop's equipment.

Mailing list generation

Some online printing companies offer instant mailing list generation tools that help you define your target audience by demographics such as geography, age, gender, income and more. You can then rent your generated mailing list for single or multiple mailings. Since 40 percent of your campaign success is contingent on the quality of your mailing list, this is a crucial step that should never be skipped. Have your printer mail your printed pieces once complete, so you can keep everything efficiently in-house.

Free design layout templates

If your printing company offers free design layout templates, by all means you should take advantage of this service to save time and money. Layout templates are created for professional design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and mark bleed lines, cutlines and your safety area so you can be confident your alignment, size and resolution is perfectly matched to the printing presses. Some free templates even mark drill holes, binding lines and die cuts. Most importantly, layout templates eliminate tedious set-up work so you can increase design efficiency.

Free electronic proofs

resources imageMany online printing companies offer free electronic proofs. Electronic proofs save time and money, and though they do not offer the color accuracy of hardcopy proofs they are a good indicator of how your final printed piece will be aligned. Moreover, they provide an excellent opportunity to double-check your copy. Online printing often involves much more than putting ink on paper. Binding, hole-drilling, die cutting, foil stamping, UV coating, sorting, mailing, and many other services are required to launch an effective direct- marketing campaign. When you choose one company to handle all of these services, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency ,and achieve a higher return on your investment.