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Five Thank-You Card Marketing Tips

resources imageThank-you cards are a great way to drum up business, especially if you're sending them to current customers or those who have attended a recent event - or even support a cause your business has sponsored or is otherwise affiliated with. Thank-you card marketing is easy because it is non-obtrusive; while customers might cringe at the thought of junk mail, thank-you cards are usually appreciated and therefore have a good chance of being opened, read and responded to. Try the following thank-you card marketing strategies to boost your sales.

1. Print on the envelope

You can give your customers a sneak peek at what's inside by printing on your thank-you card envelopes, and doing so will definitely increase your open rate. You don't need to print anything flashy - just pick an appealing color and print something such as "Thank you for your support ... look inside for your free gift."

2. Skip the envelope

If you're on a tight budget or want to get to the point right away, you can skip the envelope altogether and send thank-you card postcards. Postcards save on postage because they're lighter than thank-you cards sent inside envelopes, they're cheap to print, and they let you start delivering your pitch at first-glance.

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3. Print oversized thank-you cards

Never underestimate the power of size - when it comes to mailboxes, bigger is better and the biggest thing in the mailbox will never be ignored. If you want to make sure that your token of appreciation is noticed and in turn appreciated, consider printing oversized thank-you cards.

4. Print on premium paper stocks

Premium paper stock enhance your design, increase your credibility, and help customers feel more comfortable doing business with you. Choose a high-quality gloss or matte cover paper stock for your thank-you cards. If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle, a recycled matte cover stock coupled with soy ink printing leads to amazing colorful thank-you cards without harming the environment.

5. Don't forget an offer and call to action

Thank-you cards for the sake of appreciation are one thing; thank-you cards for the sake of sales are another. If your thank-you cards are going to drum up business, they must include an offer and call to action. Be tactful here - instead of sending an overt postcard advertisement, try mentioning in your body copy that you're offering a discount voucher, trial service or other incentive as a token of appreciation for your customer's loyalty. Make sure your offer is time limited, and appeals to your customer with a powerful call to action. If the deal truly is worthwhile, your customers will happily jump on board.