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Turn Announcement Cards into Cherished Keepsakes

Whether it's a wedding, new baby, engagement, graduation, confirmation, grand opening or any other big event, there's no better way to get the word out than with announcement cards. Since announcement cards are typically reserved for the most special occasions, it stands to reason that you wish to print your announcement cards for wow-factor quality and scrapbook-able longevity. Use the following four tips to turn your announcement cards into cherished masterpieces you can proudly display for decades to come.

1. Announcement card design

The common advice might be to hire a professional graphic designer to craft your announcement cards if you don't know your way around professional design software. On the other hand, it could be argued that the one-of-a-kind uniqueness of designing them yourself outweighs any perceived sacrifice in quality.

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This totally depends on your preferences: If your goal is to have a perfectly elegant wedding, you might consider hiring a graphic designer for your announcement cards. But if your goal is to have an ultra-personalized wedding, you might want to design your announcement cards together with your significant other - for better or worse - and have a remarkably personal conversation piece to gaze (or laugh) at together for decades.

2. Announcement card printing

It goes without saying that professionally printed announcement cards will look better and outlast anything you can do on your desktop printer. What's amazing is that the price comparable, so there's really no reason not to send your announcement card designs to a professional printer. If you're designing your announcement cards yourself, you can download free templates from PsPrint. These announcement card templates ensure that your finished announcement cards look as great on paper as they do on your computer screen.

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3. Finishing options

What denotes a masterpiece better than elegant finishing options? Have your announcement cards finished with a foil stamp to add prestige and eye-catching sparkle; and enhance the luster of your announcement cards with a UV coating that also adds a layer of protection and stability. For convenience, you also could have your greeting cards folded by your printing company.

4. Displaying your announcement cards

You'll probably want to display your announcement cards long after the big event, but if you want to keep your announcement cards in the best shape you should keep a few extra and store them in protective sleeves, away from sunlight and in a climate-controlled room. These will be your "masters," the ones that won't see wear, tear and fading. Save a couple for displaying in a picture frame or photo album. One neat way to display your announcement cards is to place two in a frame, unfolded, so that you can see all four panels at once.