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Unique Letterhead Designs That Dazzle Your Clients

resources imageIf you're in business, you need letterhead that makes a great first impression and has a lasting effect on your clients. Most letterhead designs are relatively plain and boorish, with some combination of logo, tagline and contact information spread across the top of the sheet. These letterhead designs work, but if you want to truly impress your clients you'll need to be a bit more creative. Try these tips for unique letterhead designs that dazzle your clients:

Play with positioning

Who says all of your letterhead information has to be spread across the top of the sheet? Try boxing it all off to one side, about a quarter of the way down the right margin. Or, vertically place your logo, tagline and contact information running up the left margin. You might also consider positioning this information on the bottom of your letterhead - or even on the back with custom letterhead printing services.

Include a watermark

A watermark behind your letterhead text adds subtle prestige and style to your letterhead design. This could be your logo, but it could also be an image or sketch of your company founder, a dramatic scene or anything else that's relevant to your brand identity.

Fold it over

After all, nobody says you have to play it straight with your letterhead. You can fold over the top, bottom or side of your letterhead so that it reveals a unique message or even your logo, tagline and contact information when opened. For sizzling design, work this technique in tandem with printing on the back of your letterhead so that you can ask a question on one side of the fold, and answer it when it is opened. Hardly anyone creates letterhead that actually engages clients; but you can easily accomplish engagement with this technique!

Try a die cut or foil stamp

A foil-stamped logo or other seal is a prestigious way to claim authority over your niche. A die cut lets you create unique letterhead that supports your brand identity. Both attract immediate attention and are difficult to forget. Have your letterhead foil stamped, or opt for a die cut in nearly any shape you'd like. Even a subtle die cut, such as a "chipped" corner, ragged top edge or subtle side curve, is enough to make your letterhead leap to the top of the pile - and the front of your clients' minds.

Consistency and quality counts

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Letterhead should be part of a larger corporate identity package that includes business cards, pocket folders, envelopes, brochures and other materials. It's crucial that your designs are consistent across all of these mediums for solid branding. When a client sees your business card, he or she should recall the memorable letterhead you sent your sales letter on, because both items share the same unique design concept. In addition, make sure your letterhead is printed on high-quality paper intended for that purpose. Inferior papers feel flimsy and make your business appear weak, while professional-grade letterhead paper has the opposite effect - your business appears strong and trustworthy. What's more, many desktop printers smear ink on standard papers, but letterhead paper is made to absorb printer and copier ink for clean, crisp lettering. Choose either a 70-pound paper stock with white wove finish or a premium 24-pound synergy bond paper with a smooth, elegant finish for the best results. Communication is perhaps the single most important thing for a business to master, which is why letterhead is such an important part of a well-rounded branding strategy. The key is to stand out as being unique from the competition, so try these letterhead design tips to dazzle your clients the next time you print letterhead.