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Where to Place Window Decals for Maximum Exposure

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You might know window decals are get advertisements for retail shops looking to bring in customers off the sidewalk or from the mall, but did you know window decals can also help service-oriented businesses and off-site companies gain maximum exposure for their brands, products and services? The following offers suggestions for window decals placement you can use to bolster your profits. Large display windows Large display windows are the most obvious places for window decals. If you have a storefront you can place window decals anywhere on your display window. They work best if they're large enough to be seen and understood from a distance and centered at eye level so passers-by aren't overwhelmed. If you have actual products displayed in your window, you can print window decals to “frame” your products and announce special deals, benefits, discounts, and other incentives. Large display windows are also perfect for off-site businesses. See if you can locate vacant storefronts or other, non-competing businesses who do not use all of their available display window space. Work out deals that allow you to hang your window clings in those places with directions to your place of business, a phone number or a website to draw customers to your business. Small windows Small windows, such as those found on doors and resident homes, are excellent places for window decals for one perfect reason: they're unexpected, so they command attention. See if you can get your window decals strategically placed at high-traffic intersections, either in commercial or residential areas, to maximize your exposure. Food and beverage displays Refrigerated beverage and food displays are everywhere, and offer the perfect place for window decals. You don't have to be a food and beverage vendor to take advantage of these areas, either. Instead, work out deals with local distributors to take up a corner on their displays; or, if you share a similar target audience, you can launch a promotional campaign together. Mirrors Mirrors in restrooms, dressing rooms and other strategic locations can help you take advantage of window decal marketing in a more one-on-one, intimate setting. This strategy won't reach the masses like the others detailed here, but it does offer a more intimate, one-on-one format that commands individual attention and might prove to be more effective. Vehicle windows You don't want your window decals to cause a traffic accident, but you can print small window decals to place in your windows, customer windows and even paid drivers' windows to maximize exposure. You'll reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers every time one of your window decal'd vehicles hits the road; companies such as Ford and Chevrolet have taken advantage of this type of window decal for decades. No matter where you place your window decals, be sure to print them on high-quality materials that are fade-resistant for longevity so you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Some window decals can even be used seasonally year after year, so you only have to invest in printing them once to get maximum exposure.