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Flyer Printing for Profit

Flyer Printing Profit

Flyer printing is one of the best ways to increase business because you can creatively deploy attractive flyers that command attention anywhere your target audience frequents. But with so many marketing options available and so few ad dollars to spend, is flyer printing a good idea? The answer is yes. When you're smart about your flyer printing, flyers can reach a maximum amount of potential customers with an insanely low overhead. To learn how to put your flyers to work for you, read the following tips on flyer printing for profit.

Set your goal

The first thing you have to do is identify what your goal for your flyer campaign will be. Do you hope to brand your company, or do you want to get direct sales? If you want direct sales, you will have to develop a compelling flyer with an action mechanism that is memorable enough for customers to follow once they get home. Otherwise, you risk losing your customers because they do not remember how to take advantage of your offer.

Create a unique URL

One of the best ways to do this is to direct customers to a simple, easy-to-remember, easy-to-spell, unique URL that is relevant to your benefit. If you sell shoes and are promoting a buy-one, get-one free sale, don't direct customers to your home page (with a URL such as www.fakeshoestore.com). Instead, set up a unique URL such as www.freeshoes.com. Simple and easy to remember, this URL will be visited and it also helps reinforce your offer. Your offer should include a time-limited call to action so you can attract the most customers in the shortest period of time. And because you are sending customers to a unique URL, you can use web analytics to easily track how effective your campaign is.

Try a die cut

You might also consider including serrated pull tabs at the bottom of your flyer so customers can pull off a discount coupon, a URL, or your address or phone number to respond to your flyer. This is easily accomplished with die-cut flyers, and can increase your response rate per flyer. However, keep in mind that your flyer design should include a response mechanism apart from this, for when all the pull tabs have been taken.

Use an original design

Your flyer design should be attractive and original so that it captures immediate attention. You might want to make it stand out by contrasting it against your setting (such as bright yellow against a black wall), or by including a shocking or humorous graphic. Such devices work, but you do not have to go to those extremes to develop a successful flyer. People want you to solve their problems or otherwise fulfill a desire, so simply depicting a member of your target audience enjoying your product's major benefit can be enough – especially when coupled with a powerful, large, motivating headline. Finally, make sure you print flyers on high-quality paper stock, such as 12-point cover or 14-point cover, to add durability and longevity, or try printing premium flyers on ultra-thick, heavy duty 16-point paper stock. Have them finished with a high-gloss UV coating to enrich your design and help it stand up to wear, tear and weather, and you will get more bang for your marketing buck. When you follow these flyer printing tips, you're printing flyers for profit!