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How to Design Your Own Bumper Stickers

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People can tell a lot about who you are just by looking at the bumper stickers on the back of your car. They often reflect your values, interests, organizations, mottos, and activities you are involved in. All vehicles of a certain make and model look exactly the same and the use of bumper stickers is a great way to personalize your car and show your character a little bit. It is also very entertaining for the person in the car behind you to read. Your car is even more personalized when you design your own bumper stickers. The following details what you need to know to design your own bumper stickers.

Start with a template

You should always begin your bumper sticker designs with a template. If you want a completely custom design, download a free bumper sticker layout template from PsPrint. These templates are available in the proper size, color mode, and resolution; and include helpful guides so you can properly position your artwork in no time.

Tweak your bumper sticker design

Depending on your choice of graphic design/photo editing program, you can use filters, lines, borders, colors, fades, opacity, contrast, patterns, and many other tools to tweak your bumper sticker designs. Try adding different fills and gradients to your block lettering to see if they look any better. Maybe a separator line or a pattern is needed to set your bumper sticker design apart from the rest.

One caveat: Keep it simple. Remember that many of your “readers” will see your bumper sticker at a high rate of speed. That's why large, simple text and images work best. Use clipart, silhouettes, simple photos, and plain, bold, block text to help distinguish your message.

Get your bumper sticker design printed

Last but certainly not least, you must print your bumper sticker designs so you can distribute to the masses or simply place on your own vehicle. Look for an online bumper sticker printing company that offers premium grade bumper sticker paper stock that will resist weathering and fading, such as vinyl or polyester sticker paper with UV coating. Always order a hardcopy proof so you can hold a finished version in hand to check for typos, errors, color and layout issues, or any other mistakes before you approve the whole print run. It's like cheap insurance for a perfect project job.

Get better bumper sticker prices

You can save a lot of money or print twice as many bumper stickers for the same price if you have time to wait for a great discount deal to come along. Online printing companies such as PsPrint routinely offer steep discounts. In fact, at the time of this writing bumper sticker printing was being offered by PsPrint for 60 percent off.