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Design Postcard Templates to Sell

Postcard templates are a good way for graphic designers to earn extra income on top of regular client work. Unlike customized work, you can design postcard templates with no customer feedback, which leaves you with all the creative liberty in the world to come up with stellar designs that not only boost your portfolio, they bring in passive income you wouldn't otherwise enjoy. Best of all, you can create postcard templates in your downtime and print them for minimal investment. Here are four places you can distribute your postcards for point-of-sale purchases.

1. Tourist attractions

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If you live near a popular tourist destination, grab your camera and get busy taking snapshots of the wonderful area attractions. With just a few tweaks you can easily create postcard templates for printing and distribution at visitor centers, chambers of commerce, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, major and minor attractions, museums, and even rest areas. If you can't sell your postcards directly to proprietors, see if you can create a special rack (for your own marketing purposes) and sell them on consignment, where you split revenues with the store owner in exchange for being able to place your display at the establishment.

2. Seasonal shops

Seasonal shops are perfect for point-of-sale postcard templates, especially those geared toward holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Easter. The shops do not have to be strictly seasonal - they can simply stock large seasonal supplies. Take advantage of this by creating seasonally themed postcard templates that you can pitch for point-of-sale purchases.

3. Department and grocery stores

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people rely on department stores and grocery stores for their postcard purchases - especially last-minute sentiments. When it comes to designing postcard templates for department and grocery stores, the sky's the limit. Nearly every type of postcard will work well, since nearly everyone visits these types of stores.

4. Gift shops

Gift shops are, accordingly, the perfect places to distribute your postcard template designs for point-of-sale purchases. We're not talking just tourist destination gift shops, either: specialty shops, flowers shops, chocolatiers, bookstores and anywhere else customers go to spend money is a potential outlet for your designs. The key is to make your postcard templates relevant to the each shop's customers, which infinitely increases the chances they'll want to send your postcards to friends who share similar interests. resources imageNo matter what type of postcard templates you design or where you distribute your finished postcards for point-of-sale purchases, you need to make sure you have your postcards printed on premium papers to make them appealing to customers. Choose a bright, colorful, super-thick 16-point cover stock or a rich, elegant 13-point recycled matte cover stock for best results. Best of all, you don't have to invest a lot of money to sell point-of-sale postcards; in fact, you can print as many as 1,000 postcards for less than $120. At that price, you're primed to profit from point-of-sale postcard template sales!