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What Customers Buy on Cinco de Mayo

The question of what customers buy on Cinco de Mayo cannot be answered by simply stating that customers buy traditional – or stereotypical – Mexican merchandise such as sombreros, green and red flags or Tequila. There are certainly people who buy these items for their Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and undoubtedly companies that cater to […]

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Unique Cinco de Mayo Design Ideas

Designing Cinco de Mayo promotions can be challenging for many graphic designers, especially those whose knowledge of the holiday is limited to the fact that its origins are in Mexico. That’s why many Cinco de Mayo postcards, posters, brochures, banners and flyers have little relevance other than being drawn in traditional Mexican colors: red, green […]

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Off-the-Wall Cinco de Mayo Marketing Strategies

Cinco de Mayo presents fabulous opportunities for just about any business to generate free publicity, build brand recognition and enhance customer loyalty. While your competitors simply run advertisements with a Mexican theme, you can draw hundreds to your events with a bit of PR savvy. Here are a few off-the-wall Cinco de Mayo marketing strategies […]

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Five Cinco de Mayo Marketing Tips

Cinco de Mayo has become a day of celebration in the United States. It honors the plight of Mexican-Americans for some, and for others it is an excuse to party in a fashion similar to St. Patrick’s Day. Marketing your business for prime Cinco de Mayo sales can be easy when you take the right […]

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Best Cinco de Mayo Graphic Design Resources

Cinco de Mayo has become more popular as a celebratory holiday throughout the United States in recent years. Though its historical roots are in Mexico and the Battle of Puebla, experts are quick to point out that it is more widely celebrated in the United States than in its home country. Like St. Patrick’s Day […]

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