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What Customers Buy on Earth Day

Outside of trees and perhaps the shovels to plant them with, what do customers buy on Earth Day and Arbor Day? The answer isn’t as specific as you might think. Sure, a few might opt for eco-friendly products after mass media reminds them that going green saves the environment; but the fact is that customers […]

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Unique Earth Day Graphic Design Ideas

When it comes to Earth Day and Arbor Day graphic designs, most organizations roll out materials with images of the earth and trees in varying shades of green. Being that the two holidays are all about preserving the earth’s environment, this is appropriate. But what if you want to capture attention by being different in […]

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Off-the-Wall Earth Day Marketing Strategies

Have you ever considered holding an event – or even a publicity stunt – during Earth Week? Earth Day and Arbor Day offer plenty of opportunities to get the public involved, earn free press, and ultimately increase sales through brand loyalty and direct marketing. If you’re going to stage an event for Earth Week, don’t […]

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Best Earth Day Graphic Design Resources

Whether you’re designing a traditional or contemporary Earth Day or Arbor Day postcard, banner, flyer, poster or brochure, you’re bound to find some great design illustrations, vectors, icons, images, and inspiration sources from these favorite Earth Day and Arbor Day graphic design resources. Make sure you always double-check the license and usage rights! Earth Day […]

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