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Motivational RSVP Card Wording

Sending RSVP cards is always a challenge because so many people today do not bother to RSVP for events. That’s why RSVP card wording is so important. With the right technique you can easily motivate the majority of your recipients to RSVP whether or not they will be attending your celebration or event. Thus, you […]

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Panel Response Card Marketing Strategies

Whether you’re holding a conference or seminar, setting up in-home sales demonstrations, inviting your customers to a special event or sending a sales response letter, panel response cards are often the last push your customers need to take action and respond to your offer. Think about it – with panel response cards, customers do not […]

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Panel Response Card Printing Techniques

Panel response card printing provides a convenient way for your customers to take action on your offer. Some printing techniques lend an advantage when it comes to commanding attention and generating leads. Projecting a quality image and adding value to your panel response cards is imperative. Once your design and copy is complete, it’s crucial […]

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Panel Response Card Design Essentials

Panel response cards, or RSVP cards, are the perfect inserts for sales letters, invitations and greeting cards. Panel response cards give your customers a quick and convenient way to RSVP for your special event or sign up for a specific service, meeting, conference, demonstration or sales call. The following panel response card design essentials will […]

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Going Green with Panel Response Cards

Eco-friendly companies stand to benefit during the next decade as customers become more and more appreciative – if not demanding – of your green agenda. People like to buy from companies that care about the health of the environment, and in turn the health of their families. Panel response cards present the perfect opportunity to […]

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