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What Customers Buy on Presidents Day

Unless you sell Uncle Sam top hats, you might not have an answer for the question: “What do customers buy on Presidents Day?” Fact is, the vast majority of people don’t treat Presidents Day any different than any other day of the year; and so their shopping habits are no different either. That means that […]

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Unique Presidents Day Graphic Design Ideas

Presidents Day, or Washington’s Birthday, is so designated to honor the elected Commanders in Chief of the United States. It’s also a hot time to market early spring sales, so many graphic designers are busy working on patriotic images of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other past presidents. These are all good Presidents Day design […]

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Off-the-Wall Presidents Day Marketing Strategies

The term publicity stunt might have negative connotations, but the fact remains that publicity stunts – or “events” – represent some of the fastest and most effective ways to brand your company and push direct sales. If you want think way outside the box to set your business apart from the competition this year, consider […]

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Best Presidents Day Graphic Design Resources

It’s always nice to have some great graphics design resources on-hand for your designs, especially if you’re short on time or budget. Drawing a fresh and original bust of Lincoln or Washington is bound to take some time and incur some expenses, but you can get them free from several online sources. At other times, […]

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