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Off-the-Wall Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies

When it comes to Valentine’s Day marketing, you can bet your box of chocolates that your competitors’ efforts will employ hearts, cupids, flowers and candy. These are traditional Valentine’s Day themes, but how much motivational value does each have when they’re so prevalent? Very little when stacked up against these off-the-wall Valentine’s Day marketing strategies. […]

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What Customers Buy on Valentine’s Day

Every year people search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or for her, and businesses try to answer the question, “What will people buy on Valentine’s Day?” While there are some tried-and-true Valentine’s Day gifts, such as jewelry, flowers, chocolates and candy, the reality is that customers buy virtually everything for Valentine’s Day […]

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Five Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

Many experts regard Valentine’s Day as the second-busiest holiday buying season every year. Many an enamored person goes in search of the perfect, unique gift that says “I love you” to their special someone. Cosmetics, jewelry and gadgets are often given as Valentine’s Day gifts; but just about any company can come up with a […]

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Best Valentine’s Day Graphic Design Resources

In a pinch for a last-minute Valentine’s Day design for a client? If you need Valentine’s Day vectors, fonts, icons, or inspiration, here are hundreds of Valentine’s Day design resources you can sift through to find the perfect graphic in a pinch. About.com’s Celebrate Valentine’s Day page has dozens of links to Valentine’s Day pictures, […]

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