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What Customers Buy on Hanukkah

Hanukkah is celebrated during the biggest sales season of the year, a time when many companies are scrambling to figure out what customers buy. But trying to answer the question of what customers buy on Hanukkah isn’t necessarily the best way to plan your holiday sales strategy, as the following dictates. Consider your customers’ needs […]

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Best Hanukkah Design Resources

Hanukkah graphic design takes two things: knowledge about the holiday and master creativity. No matter your personal spiritual path, as a professional graphic designer it is critical to understand your subject in order to aptly – and sometimes even powerfully – capture the essence of its message through visual arts. And without creativity, it is […]

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Five Hanukkah Marketing Tips

For businesses, Hanukkah is a great time to market your products and services because the holiday is celebrated during the year’s hottest buying season. Successful Hanukkah marketing takes a well-thought-out, strategic approach because your competition is likely deploying their best ads and sales of the year at the same time. In order to get a […]

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Unique Hanukkah Designs

Creating unique Hanukkah designs can be a challenge since so many graphic designers seem to focus on the same themes and symbols. The problem is, they are the most recognizable symbols and represent the easiest way to ensure that your audience quickly surmises that your message is Hanukkah-related. Thus, your goal is to deploy Hanukkah […]

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