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What Customers Buy on Groundhog Day

Unlike Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day is not often considered a big sales holiday. That’s too bad, because the second day of February comes at a time when the holidays transition to memory and customers turn hopeful minds to thoughts of spring. With new beginnings on the horizon, what better time to begin […]

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Unique Groundhog Day Design Ideas

Groundhog Day presents rather unique marketing opportunities for any company that wants to boost mid-to late-winter sales. And when companies want to market, graphic designers get the call. The trick to helping your clients achieve success – and thus securing your own – lies in your ability to first get attention, then to deliver a […]

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Off-the-Wall Groundhog Day Marketing Strategies

As holidays go, Groundhog Day is arguably the goofiest: Everyone stands around a groundhog’s burrow and waits to see if it sees its shadow when it emerges so we can know whether to expect an early spring or six more weeks of winter. As marketing goes, the lighthearted antics of Groundhog Day present plenty of […]

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Best Groundhog Day Graphic Design Resources

Finding free graphics for Groundhog Day can be a bit tricky since there’s really not a whole lot to go off of (there are only so many groundhog vectors out there). Fortunately, you as a graphic designer have a very creative mind and you can brainstorm some remarkable designs from an otherwise-limiting theme. Here are […]

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