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CD/DVD Sleeves for Press Kits

A press kit is a collection of marketing tools to help increase overall media exposure. When you develop your press kit, it is important to appreciate the value of the first impression. The critical importance of an effective promotional package must be understood. A well-developed press kit will elicit curiosity and heighten interest in what […]

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CD Jewel Case Printing Tips

CD jewel case printing can seem a daunting task to the uninitiated, but it’s actually a breeze for even amateur designers. As professional and experienced graphic designers know, there are certain details you should keep in mind whenever you’re going to print CD jewel cases. To bring the amateurs up to speed, or even first-time […]

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CD Cover Printing Strategies

CDs look much more professional when placed in a printed CD cover or CD sleeve. Whether you’re selling CDs as a band or musician or you’re selling or distributing data or software, a premium CD cover can help elevate your CD to the top of everyone’s charts. It legitimizes your work and builds brand trust […]

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CD/DVD Sleeves for Bands/Musicians

CD and DVD distribution is one of the most important promotional tools for bands and musicians. Most bands and musicians hand out CDs for free or sell them at performances. The appearance and design of both the CD/DVD and its sleeve play a big part in whether it will be listened to or bought by […]

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Design Ideas for CD/DVD Sleeves

If you’re charged with the enviable yet challenging task of designing CD/DVD sleeves, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get started – but if you’re here, you might be at a loss for inspiration. That’s understandable, since CD/DVD design is a territory in which perfection is paramount, and it seems that the more designs […]

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